gaming Stories June 3, 2018

Google Assistant and Alexa integration may soon be coming to Xbox One

According to a report from Windows Central, the Xbox One will be receiving an update to gain support for Google Assistant and Alexa, in addition to its existing Cortana support.

gaming Stories May 2, 2018

Google’s grand social ambitions have mostly tapered down following the failure of the original Google+. The latter social network is now focused on communities, while social features exist in apps like Google Duo and Photos. However, a new report today reveals that Google is working on social games, with a launch as soon as this summer.

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gaming Stories April 6, 2018

Fuchsia Friday is back with your fix of Fuchsia information. This week, we’re looking at how Fuchsia handles graphics differently and what that might mean for gaming and VR.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

gaming Stories January 23, 2018

The extent of Google’s current gaming reach is mostly limited to its YouTube Gaming streaming service and of course the Play Store with Android and Daydream VR games. However, the company might have a more direct interest in the space with the hire of gaming veteran Phil Harrison.

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gaming Stories January 30, 2017

Nvidia’s new Shield TV is one of our favorite new devices in recent memory, mainly due to its extensive capabilities as a set-top box. The main focus of the Shield, though, is gaming. Using GeForce Now and game streaming, the Shield TV is a force to be reckoned with for gaming, and it seems to only get better and better. Now, some Shield users have discovered how to pair Sony’s PlayStation controller with the Shield…

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gaming Stories December 13, 2016

You will soon be able to play a version of Final Fantasy IV translated entirely with Google Translate

Japan is a thriving country for RPGs (Role-Play Games), but most of them unfortunately remain unaccessible to a lot people due to the language barrier. However, some hardcore enthusiasts don’t give up, and this time one of them offered a rather creative solution…

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