Liberio, an online eBook publishing platform the based on Google Drive went from beta to official today. Designed to connect to Drive, this new tool lets you import just about any text-based document and convert it into an eBook that is compliant with industry standards, making it compatible with most major online stores like Amazon, Google Play Books or the iBooks Store.

Like most modern software, Liberio features social media integration that lets authors share their books directly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To get started, head on over to the Liberio’s launch page, log in to your existing Google account, accept the software’s terms of service (read them first) and you’re ready to start making eBooks. Once signed in, you’ll see a bookshelf of created books, click “add book” to import a document and start your project. Based out of Berlin, the startup is still in its early stages, but hopefully its Drive integrated features will become more refined as Liberio receives more funding.

(via TechCrunch)

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