Let’s face it, when companies are interviewed at tech conferences, they talk about all kinds of crazy stuff that will never be launched – like the idea of wearing a digital tattoo to unlock your phone. Except this time, more than a year after first discussing the idea at the D11 conference last May, Motorola has actually done it and is showing it off in a new video …


VivaLnk is selling packs of Digital Tattoos for a dollar each. Currently available for the Moto X, with support for other phones promised, each tattoo is said to last for around five days before washing off.

One tap of the Digital Tattoo and your phone is ready for action. Because re-entering your PIN all day gets old.

The size of a nickel, it blends in on your wrist. Though you might find it hard to resist giving a few demonstrations.

Apply it and go. Your Digital Tattoo will hold through approximately five days of showers, swimming, workouts, and anything else you can think of.

It’s certainly a cool piece of tech, but I’m not convinced I’d wear a tattoo just to unlock my phone, much less pay ten bucks a month or so for the privilege …

(via Gizmodo)

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