Samsung has filed for a trademark on “Gear S” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, suggesting that the South Korean handset maker could be poised to expand its wearables lineup with a new device in the near future. According to SamMobile, the “Gear S” moniker could correlate to the oft-rumored Gear Solo, which is expected to be a slightly different version of the Gear 2 smartwatch with a SIM card and cellular connectivity. 

The trademark was filed under several broad categories, including “wearable computers,” “wearable mobile phones,” “wearable computer peripherals,” “wearable peripherals for computers,” “smartphones in the shape of a watch” and “mobile devices in the shape of a watchband,” which increases the likelihood — but does not confirm — that the Gear S will be another smartwatch.

The report adds that Samsung is rumored to launch multiple wearable devices alongside the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, potentially including the Gear VR virtual reality headset in partnership with Oculus VR. Samsung also previously filed for a trademark on the “Gear Now,” another wearable device that could be set for an imminent release. Many of these devices could be announced at the annual IFA Berlin consumer electronics show in September.

Samsung currently sells five wearable devices:

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