Google has pushed an update to Chrome OS this afternoon, bringing a variety of interesting new features to the stable channel. Of those packed in this update include the oft-requested ability to sign in to multiple Google accounts, a new “App info” page in the OS app launcher, the separation of the Settings page into its own window, and more.

The update, version 37.0.2062.119, also introduces an interesting new feature called “managed bookmarks,” which will presumably allow organizations to push and manage bookmarks seamlessly to many different Chrome OS users. Rounding off the most notable of the new features, you can now save to Google Drive even when going Incognito. Finally, the update packs the usual bug fixes and security updates.

The update is rolling out now, and Google says it’s available for “all Chrome OS devices except Acer C7 Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook Series 5 and HP Pavilion Chromebook.”

Below you’ll find the full changelog:

– Multi Sign in support – Easily use multiple accounts with your Chrome Device – New “App info” view in the Chrome launcher – Settings appear in a window, not tab – Save to Google Drive in Incognito mode – Client Certificate Management for organizations using the chrome.enterprise.platformKeys API – Managed Bookmarks – Push and manage bookmarks for your organization

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