Game Boy Color on Android Wear - YouTube 2014-10-13 13-24-07

Last week we got a peek at an old Windows operating system running on Android Wear, but the guy behind that all-too useless piece of software has now used his skill to make something markedly more interesting. As of now, it looks like owners of Android Wear devices can play some of the favorite Game Boy Color classics on Google’s wearable computer.

As you can see in the video below, Corbin Davenport is using his Galaxy Gear Live paired with a MOGA controller to run the VGB emulator. He jumps into a game of Pokémon Gold Version and as far as I can tell, it runs perfectly well without any lag at all. Other games shown include Tetris, Pokémon Crystal, and Super Mario Bros.

If you want to get a comprehensive look at how to get this running on your Android Wear device, be sure to head over to Corbin’s blog.

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