Google unveiled its highly anticipated Nexus 9 tablet yesterday and almost immediately following the device’s official debut, someone managed to run it through Geekbench for a benchmark. The HTC-made slate managed to pull down an impressive 1,903 single core score, which is on a par with an entry-level 2012 Mac Pro, according to Primate Labs founder, John Poole.

Priced at $400, Google’s Nexus 9 tablet packs an 8.9-inch 2,048 × 1,536 display and is powered by a Tegra K1 2.3GHz processor, paired with a Kepler DX1 GPU. Pre-orders for Mountain View’s new powerhouse tablet start tomorrow, but the device officially starts shipping on November 3rd. If you’re planning on picking up a Nexus 9 at launch, be sure to share your thoughts on Google’s newest purebred tablets in the comments below.


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