The Moto 360 is arguably the hottest Android Wear device on the market and if you’ve purchased Motorola’s new timepiece, you might want to protect your $250 investment. Accessories for smartphones and tablets are big business and smartwatches might be getting in on the action.

Whether you’re trying to keep your Moto 360 out of harm’s way, or you just want to spiff it up a bit, 3D printing marketplace Shapeways is selling a “minimal” bumper case for the Android Wear-powered wristwatch for $8. While it may sound a bit silly, the product’s seller offers the protective case in a variety of different colors.

We’re not too sure if this low-cost accessory will have what it takes to protect your Moto 360 from an active lifestyle, however it will at least give your new smartwatch a little extra pizazz.

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