Almost six months ago to the day, Google acquired an enterprise device management firm by the name of Divide. Today, the search giant quietly released a new Productivity Preview app to the Play Store, which currently operates on an invite-only basis, similar to how the company handled the release of Inbox. Targeting the corporate world, this Google-made Divide application offers a software suite packed with tools for business email, calendar, contacts and tasks.

One of the key focuses on this test run appears to be securely separating business and personal data on your mobile device. Here’s a look at some of the productivity applications included in the preview:

• Mail: S/MIME, HTML, gestures, flag messages for follow-up, out of office • Calendar: Create/edit meetings, accept/decline invitations, highlight VIP calendar alerts • Contacts: Corporate directory lookup, mark contacts as VIPs, export to personal address book • Tasks: Set, view, edit, sort, delete tasks • Downloads: Save, view and share attachments

If your company has an open BYOD (bring your own device) policy, you can sign up for the Android IT Preview program for a chance to receive an invite.

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