Every time a major new version of Android rolls around, it’s always uncertain whether or not older devices will be updated—and it’s always left in the hands of each individual manufacturer to make these happen. Devices older than a couple of years are usually forgotten, but sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. And a good example of that is what was found this morning: information on Samsung’s Finnish website suggesting that the Galaxy Note 2 will indeed be getting Lollipop.

On the left you can see the list of current Galaxy Note devices and the next column over shows their current version of Android. The next column, though, is labeled “Seuraava Android-versio,” which means “Next Android version.” While it looks like the original Galaxy Note is a thing of the past, this chart shows the Galaxy Note 2 as in line to get Android 5.0 Lollipop.

About a month ago, SamMobile gave an exclusive look at what Android Lollipop might look like on the Galaxy Note 3, and we can assume that the experience will be pretty similar on the Note 2. There’s not any word yet on when the Galaxy Note 2 will be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop quite yet, but it’s likely that we’ll see it drop at some point in the next couple months.

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