Late last year, Mozilla announced a joint five-year partnership with Yahoo that saw the default search engine in Firefox change from Google to Yahoo. It seemed unlikely at the time that Google would notice too big of a loss from that deal, but following contrary reports from earlier this month, Search Engine Land has also noticed that the company has started trying to convince Firefox users to switch to Google Search.

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When users of Firefox visit, Google has started prompting them to make it their default search engine. Along the top of the webpage is a bar that reads: “Get to Google faster. Make Google your default search engine.” Then there are options for users to choose either “Sure” or “No thanks.”

Another message is displaying to Firefox users relates to making the site their homepage. “Come here often? Make Google your homepage,” the prompt reads. Both of these prompts appear to only apply to Windows users right now. Specifically they only apply to Firefox, as neither appear for Internet Explorer users at this point.

Google yesterday also sent out a tweet in which it tried to win over some Firefox users. The tweet included a link to a new page dedicated solely to convincing Firefox users to use Google Search. Google also has webpages like this for Internet Explorer users, but the Firefox page is entirely new and seemingly confirms reports that Google has in fact noticed a loss in market share to Yahoo.

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