Google today has unveiled a newly designed search page for move-related queries in Chrome for Android and the official Google Search app. The update presents the results in a fashion similar to what you see when you search for content in the Play Store.

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The new look is heavy on the Material Design and blends right in to Android 5.0 Lollipop. To see the new design yourself, simply search for any film related topic, though you do have to make sure to put “movie(s)” in the actual query. For instance, searching for “Michael J. Fox” brings up the same Knowledge Graph interface with detailed information about his career as an actor. If you search “Michael J. Fox movies,” however, you’ll see the newly designed gallery with movie covers of all his films. Tapping on one of the films brings up detailed information about it, including reviews, a summary, and more.

The newly designed search interface is rolling out now to users on Chrome for Android and the official Google Search app.

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