If you’re one of the many excited to get one of Google’s new Nexus devices, but you would rather pay for one over time rather than outright (or if you’re just looking to become a Project Fi subscriber), I have some good news. Although not exactly mentioned in detail today, you can grab either phone from Project Fi on an installment plan…

Although you also have the option to purchase the phones outright as you can do on the Google Store, Project Fi also offers subscribers the opportunity for qualified buyers to pay over 24 months. The Nexus 5X, for example, starts at $379, but you can get it for just $15.79 per month over 24 months through Project Fi.

Here’s the full chart of prices:

FAQ – Project Fi 2015-09-29 13-29-44

Google says that there’s no interest or fees, but that a credit check is required — not all that different than the many plans that carriers offer today. Interestingly, Project Fi is the only carrier that is offering this deal, as Google has decided to ditch working with traditional carriers this time around.

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