Google is making some announcements for its Google for Work platform today at the Web Summit in Dublin, including the introduction of a new program dubbed “Recommended for Google Apps for Work” and an update on paid user numbers.

In addition to announcing the new app recommendations, Google’s Amit Singh unveiled that the company has now hit over 2 million businesses with paid Google Apps for Work accounts:

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Today, more than 2 million paying businesses have chosen Google Apps for Work to advance communication, collaboration and productivity across work teams. In addition to all the goodness that Google Apps offers, many businesses look to the cloud for things like customer relationship management and telephony tools. Through our relationships with Google for Work Technology Partners, today we’ll start recommending applications that help our customers get the most out of the cloud.

Google is quick to point out that the number is 2 million paid businesses, opposed to users, which is likely a much higher number considering many businesses using the platforms have users in the hundreds or thousands.

For its new Recommended by Google Apps for Work program, Google is working with a number of partners to start making recommendations on apps for its users. Google noted in a blog post that the “apps are reviewed by Google and an independent third-party security firm to make sure that these solutions are safe and reliable, and meet our requirements for high quality integrations.”

To kick things off, Google is recommending a handful of apps including:

And lastly, Google is updating its Google Apps Marketplace with re commendations for apps that also feature Android counterparts.

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