Introducing Project Spectrum - YouTube 2015-11-18 14-03-42

It’s not exactly just AOSP, but Oppo has today introduced Project Spectrum, a flavor of Android for its line of phones that combines what the company says is the best of stock Android and its own in-house built features. At first glance, you might think you’re using a Nexus or Motorola handset, which is definitely a great thing, but Spectrum adds some add-ons from its ColorOS that add a little bit to the experience…

On top of Android, Project Spectrum brings some “screen-off gestures” (gestures for waking the device when the screen is off), support for the ColorOS camera, and Oppo’s MaxxAudio. There are also a few differences in interacting with your device that you might notice running Project Spectrum. Oppo mentions that you have to double tap the home button to get to the task manager, for instance, along with a few other changes.

For now, Project Spectrum is only available for the Oppo Find 7. You can head over to the Oppo forums to learn how to install it on your device, and you can find a video showing off the ROM’s features below:

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