Android One Stories March 12, 2020

[Update: Official fix available] The Android 10 update for the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite appears to be bricking devices

The Android One program should mean that updates are pretty quick and pain-free, but as some Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite owners are finding, the Android 10 update has been pretty painful all things considered.

Android One Stories January 15, 2020

[Update: Mi A3 in mid-Feb] The Android 10 update is now available for the Xiaomi Mi A2

The Android 10 update is now rolling out for the Android One-powered Xiaomi Mi A2 after quite an extended wait.

Android One Stories December 17, 2019

LG G7 One is first LG device in North America to get Android 10

Earlier this month, the flagship LG G8 ThinQ began to receive its Android 10 update, but only in South Korea. So far in the US, LG’s devices have stayed on Android Pie, sometimes to the point of being humorous. The LG G7 One, based on Android One, is receiving an update to Android 10, which is actually rolling out through carriers in North America.

Android One Stories October 9, 2019

Android One devices bring the best of Google to more smartphones around the world, and Sharp has been a part of that program for a while. This week, the Sharp S7 became the latest Android One device for Japan, and it comes with Android 10 out of the box.

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Android One Stories September 3, 2019

Following a recent branding update to Android as a whole, Google is giving the rest of the family some updated logos. Android TV, Android Auto, and Android One have all recently picked up logo updates.

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Android One Stories August 16, 2019

Ultra-wide cameras are becoming more popular in the Android world, and Motorola’s latest device is taking full advantage of that. The Motorola One Action has just gone official, being advertised as the first smartphone with a built-in action camera.

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Android One Stories August 15, 2019

Xiaomi Mi A3 w/ Android One will launch in India on August 21st

Xiaomi launched its latest Android One smartphone about a month ago in Spain. Now, the company has confirmed that India will get the Xiaomi Mi A3 on August 21st.

Android One Stories July 17, 2019

Xiaomi’s Android One devices have proved pretty popular for a few years now, and today, the third generation has been unveiled. The new Xiaomi Mi A3 offers up a new chipset, the same great software, and plenty of hardware goodies, too.

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Android One Stories June 6, 2019

Nokia 2.2 goes official for €99 w/ Android One, removable battery, Assistant button

HMD Global hosted an event today where it officially unveiled its latest budget smartphone, the Nokia 2.2. The sub-€99 device is destined for Europe and India, here’s what you need to know.

Android One Stories April 30, 2019

After making its debut back at MWC 2019, HMD Global has just announced that the Nokia 4.2 is coming to the United States. The Android One smartphone will cost $189 and pre-orders officially open up today.

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Android One Stories February 28, 2019

MWC 2019 delivered quite a few new smartphones, but few are as eye-grabbing as the Nokia 9 PureView. Today, we’re getting launch details for the Nokia 9 PureView in the US, as well as details on a one-week promotion that cuts down the price.

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Android One Stories February 24, 2019

Following a full day of phone announcements from Barcelona, Google is outlining its Android presence at MWC 2019. This includes Android Foldables and 5G, as well as Rich Communication Services (RCS) adoption and Digital Wellbeing officially expanding beyond Pixel and Android One.

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Android One quietly gets a new logo alongside MWC product launches

Android One has been around for a couple of years now, and the program has seen dozens of product launches in that time. Now, Google is giving the Android One brand a small refresh thanks to a brand new logo which quietly debuted recently.

Back before its revival, Nokia’s biggest claim to fame in smartphones was the attention-grabbing camera in the Lumia 1020. Today, the company has announced another device aimed at the photography market with the Nokia 9 PureView which houses not two, not three, but five cameras on the rear.

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Nokia has seen explosive growth over the past couple of years, and the company isn’t slowing down with new models. Today at an event just ahead of MWC 2019, Nokia has announced a few new smartphones, including two new “mass-market” models. Here’s what you need to know about the Nokia 3.2 and the Nokia 4.2

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Android One Stories December 5, 2018

Nokia has been on a roll in 2018 with some truly fantastic Android smartphones and today, its latest is official. The Nokia 8.1 has just been officially unveiled, here’s what you need to know.

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Android One Stories November 21, 2018

Cheap Android smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, but their quality can vary wildly. Some OEMs put care into the product and experience their customers are buying, while others seemingly slap together some parts and put it out on the market, never to be thought of again. Lately, I’ve been testing out the Nokia 7.1 – here’s why I think it’s the best affordable Android phone you can buy today.

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Android One Stories November 5, 2018

Motorola’s Android One smartphone coming to the US for $399

Motorola’s very iPhone-esque Android One smartphone, the Motorola One, will officially be available in the United States soon for $399 unlocked. The black variant can be ordered online from November 9th, while the white variant can be found in stores starting November 11th. 

Android One Stories October 18, 2018

Google officially opens up Digital Wellbeing to Android One devices running Pie

One of the most exciting additions to Android Pie has been that of Digital Wellbeing. The handy tool makes it easy to keep tabs on your daily smartphone usage and cut back where needed. At launch, Google didn’t specify if this tool would be available on non-Pixel devices, but today, a changelog has confirmed that Android One devices will get in on the fun.

Android One Stories October 6, 2018

So the Nokia 7.1 was announced at a London event on the 4th of October, with yours truly heading to the showcase to directly check out exactly what this mid-range device has to offer. And my initial impression is that this smartphone actually surprised me a decent amount.

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Android One Stories October 4, 2018

Nokia’s upper-midrange device the Nokia 7.1 was officially announced today at a London launch event. Somewhat expectedly, the device follows the design language of the previous Nokia 8 models, but with a typical 2018 notch, Android One, and an affordable price tag in tow. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Android One Stories August 28, 2018

After launching the LG G7 ThinQ earlier this year, LG is building on that device with not one, but two brand new variants of it. Surprisingly, one of them even runs on top of Android One.

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Android One Stories July 24, 2018

After seeing success with the Android One program last year with the Mi A1, Xiaomi is back at it with not one, but two brand new Android One smartphones.

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Android One Stories July 20, 2018

Nokia 6.1 Plus goes official w/ Android One, Nokia X6’s notched design for Hong Kong

Nokia’s partnership with Google on the Android One program has provided a lot of great devices, and this week it’s delivering the Nokia 6.1 Plus with a familiar design…

Android One Stories July 19, 2018

Leaked renders show off Xiaomi Mi A2 w/ Android One software, three color variants

Xiaomi officially announced an event for July 24th earlier this week where it will be unveiling its second Android One device, the Mi A2. Today, new renders of that device have hit the web.

Android One Stories July 16, 2018

Xiaomi officially teases its next Android One smartphone, the Mi A2

Xiaomi saw a lot of success last year with its first Android One smartphone, the Mi A1. Now, the company has officially released the first teaser for that device’s successor.

Android One Stories June 18, 2018

Xiaomi Mi A2, the company’s second Android One phone, leaks out on retailer site ahead of August launch

Android One’s popularity around the world isn’t slowing down at all, but one of the most successful device’s we’ve seen to date is that of Xiaomi’s Mi A1. Now, that device’s successor has appeared online ahead of launch…

Google’s Android One program had a slow start, but this year we’ve seen a bunch of new Android One models launch in various markets around the world. Now, it seems like LG is about to jump on board with a new variant of its previously-announced LG Q7.

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Android One Stories May 29, 2018

At MWC in February, Nokia announced a series of smartphones that range from Android Go to midrange and flagship Android One devices. During an event in Moscow today, HMD Global launched devices for the lower-end of its portfolio that focuses on providing international audiences with pure Android and future updates.

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Android One Stories May 4, 2018

Android 8.1 Oreo rolling out to Moto X4 on Android One

One of the most underrated mid-range devices of last year was the Moto X4. With its Android One variant, the phone is essentially a Pixel in a different case. Now, that variant is finally picking up Android 8.1.

Android One Stories May 3, 2018

If you go back just two years, Nokia was a name everyone remembered, but that meant nothing to the smartphone industry. Now, Nokia is quickly gaining traction, and for 2018, the company is about to deliver its first new device in the US with the Nokia 6.1.

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Android One Stories February 27, 2018

Mobile World Congress generally brings us quite a lot of new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more all running Android. As most of the announcements have passed at this point, we thought we’d take a look at everything that’s new and what will be available in the coming year for Android One and Android Go.

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Android One Stories February 25, 2018

In addition to its other low to mid-range Android One and Go devices, HMD Global’s Nokia is launching a flagship device at MWC 2018. The Nokia 8 Sirocco is defined by its pOLED display, thin design, and other flagship-level features.

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Google kicked off its MWC with expanded rollouts and new features for Google Assistant and Lens. The company also teased Android One and Go announcements, with HMD Global’s Nokia today announcing new devices based on those two initiatives.

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Android One Stories February 22, 2018

Ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, where Samsung and others are expected to introduce the first 2018 flagships, Google is teasing the announcement of the first Oreo (Go edition) and more Android One devices from partners. Meanwhile, Android head Hiroshi Lockheimer also notes Google Assistant, Lens, and RCS developments.

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Android One Stories January 31, 2018

Sharp ‘Android One S3’ debuts in Japan with a tough build and mid-range specs [Video]

Sharp has been partnering with Google for a while with the Android One program in Japan, and now, its latest device has hit the market in the “Android One S3.”

Android One Stories December 26, 2017

Xiaomi Mi A1 picks up Android Oreo beta on Android One, adds fast charging

It came as a bit of a surprise earlier this year when Xiaomi announced that it would be joining Google’s Android One program with the Mi A1. Now, a few months later, that device is picking up an Android Oreo beta, and it’s finally adding support for fast charging…

Android One Stories December 22, 2017

Android One Moto X4 on Project Fi receiving 8.0 Oreo update today

One of the central tenants of Android One is fast updates and the Moto X4 that launched earlier this year for Project Fi was included in the update promise. Meeting an end of the year guarantee, 8.0 Oreo is now beginning to rollout for the device.

Android One Stories November 2, 2017

As widely rumored, HTC is now making devices for the relaunched Android One program. A mid-range phone, the HTC U11 life is not all too different from the Moto X4, save for launching with Android Oreo and featuring some Pixel-like features.

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Android One Stories October 10, 2017

Announced last month, Project Fi was expected to begin shipping the Moto X4 for those who pre-ordered sometime this week. However, the first Android One device in the US has now been delayed due to production issues.

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Android One Stories October 3, 2017

Android One is coming to the US very soon, and that’s starting with the Moto X4. However, there’s another affordable device coming too, the HTC U11 Life. After getting a first look a couple of weeks ago, we’re today getting specifications for the device.

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Android One Stories September 13, 2017

We’ve known for quite some time that Android One is going to make a debut in the United States, and just the other day we got new details about the Moto X4’s Android One launch. Today, we’re learning more about the other Android One device we told you about earlier this year, the HTC “Ocean Life.”

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Android One Stories September 9, 2017

Today we got our first look at an Android One-branded Moto X4 from the ever-reliable Evan Blass, but here’s something you might not be aware of: we’ve been tracking this story here at 9to5Google for more than half a year now. The first rumors of the program’s launch in the US popped up back in January, and a few months later we got a sizable dump of information about the program from a source, some of which we published in April.

So what’s happening? How has Android One changed? Is the Moto X4 going to be the first Android One phone for the United States?

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Earlier this year we told you that Google’s Android One program would be making its debut on affordable hardware this year in the United States. Later we told you what device it would debut on, and today we’re getting a bit more evidence on some of those previous reports.

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Android One Stories September 5, 2017

This past Friday, Xiaomi announced that it would be holding an event to unveil a new global smartphone series. That event took place earlier today in India, and the star of the show was Xiaomi’s first ever Android One device  — the Xiaomi Mi A1.

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Android One Stories September 1, 2017

Xiaomi — one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world — has announced that it will be holding an event on September 5 for an all-new smartphone series that will see a global launch. The company’s teaser video doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming event, but current rumors suggest this is where we’ll potentially see the announcement of Google’s latest Android One device.

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Android One Stories June 30, 2017

A year after launching its first Android One device for the Japanese market, Google is today announcing its fourth phone. The X1 is Sharp’s third One device and features a battery rated at four days of usage, as well as FeliCa support for Android Pay.

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Android One Stories May 18, 2017

Android Go, announced yesterday during the I/O 17 keynote, is Google’s new initiative to bring a speedy and optimized version of Android to sub-$100 devices. But since the long-available Android One platform aims to accomplish similar — albeit not identical — goals, we thought we’d ask Google exactly where Go sits in the new lineup. Not only did Google clarify the difference between them, it also (perhaps mistakingly) touched on the long-rumored launch of Android One for the US…

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