coloros Stories March 4

Oppo has grown almost exponentially over the past few years, and although once a tough sell, ColorOS 12 and 12.1 have toned down the iOS influence and the result is a nice alternative full of excellent features.

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coloros Stories February 9

The Oppo takeover of OnePlus has left a lot of questions over the past year, and software was the biggest concern for many. According to a new report, OnePlus and Oppo are due to fully merge their OxygenOS and ColorOS skins into one with Android 13.

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coloros Stories October 4, 2021

Google just released Android 12 to AOSP today, but not to its own Pixel smartphones. Where those will be delayed by a “few weeks,” Oppo has just announced that it will release ColorOS based on Android 12 to select regions starting today, though only in beta.

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coloros Stories July 22, 2021

Early this month, OnePlus revealed what many expected for a while, that OnePlus and Oppo would merge their respective Android skins. Now, we’re seeing the first fruits of that merger, with the OnePlus Nord 2 explicitly being the first device where OxygenOS is no more than a skin on top of ColorOS.

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coloros Stories July 2, 2021

After announcing that OnePlus and Oppo would be merging more teams behind the scenes, the inevitable has happened. OnePlus has just announced that OxygenOS and ColorOS will come closer together, though with the benefit of OnePlus devices getting three years or more of Android updates.

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coloros Stories June 18, 2021

OnePlus and Oppo are formalizing their relationship and merging internal teams with the goal of improving software and speed up other actions. Despite that, though, CEO Pete Lau says OxygenOS will survive the OnePlus/Oppo merger.

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coloros Stories November 18, 2015

Introducing Project Spectrum - YouTube 2015-11-18 14-03-42

It’s not exactly just AOSP, but Oppo has today introduced Project Spectrum, a flavor of Android for its line of phones that combines what the company says is the best of stock Android and its own in-house built features. At first glance, you might think you’re using a Nexus or Motorola handset, which is definitely a great thing, but Spectrum adds some add-ons from its ColorOS that add a little bit to the experience… expand full story

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