The latest numbers in Google’s transparency report show that the search giant currently receives more than 65 million requests a month to remove links to pirated content – which works out at 2M per day, or 1,500 per minute.

That’s a doubling in number in a little over a year, the company reporting that takedown requests hit 1M in August 2014. Go back to 2011, and the numbers were measured in the mere hundreds.

Google introduced a new automated system last year designed to help fight piracy … 


Websites that are the subject of a large number of takedown notices are now automatically downranked in Google search results, with the company also taking steps to reduce the likelihood of autocomplete entries pointing to pirate sites.

Google’s transparency reports also details the 1.3M links that have been the subject of removal requests under Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten‘ legislation, 42% of which were accepted by Google.

Finally, the report provides numbers for Government requests to remove content, though this data has not been updated since the end of last year. Google reports these numbers on a six-monthly basis.


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