The internet is crawling with piracy. So much in fact that Google’s is now receiving over 1 million takedown requests per day for links related to pirated content. A recent transparency report from the company revealed that the search juggernaut was asked to clear around 8 million results from its search engine last week alone.

With no signs of slowing down, submissions begin to pick up soon after Google started publicizing details of takedown requests. It’s hard to believe that a few years back, Google was only receiving a few hundred takedown requests per year. As more people gain access to the internet through cheap mobile devices and more on the go torrent clients become available, it’s likely that DMCA numbers will only continue to increase.

(via TorrentFreak)

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2 Responses to “Google receiving over 1 million pirate link takedown requests per day”

  1. John Smith says:

    Increase not necessarily because of increases in no-pay downloads – people have been doing this for years – just as likely that the original producers are becoming more active in making the takedown requests. The large producers, major studios etc are certainly more aggressive about it.

    No sympathy for google. A more effective policy for everyone – except the pirates – would be for google not to link to illegal content in the first place. No one is forcing google to link to torrents, obviously illicit download sites etc.

    Major hollywood studios can look after themselves but small producers have been killed by the pirating – which is a big shame as the internet was once seen as a way of opening up all forms of publishing to smaller producers.

    • That’s complete BS. Smaller Producer’s of movies would never get the exposure or even have their film’s know if it weren’t for piracy. Noone is going to take a chance of spending money on a movie that noone’s heard of. What hurt’s them is Big hollywood driving up cost’s for licenses, equipment, software, patent’s on Sound efx and music score’s. That is the real enemy.