Without an invite, buying a OnePlus 2 has been pretty much impossible up until now. Today, however, the company has made its ‘2016 flagship killer’ available invite-free on Amazon India to local customers.

The open sale is only live until Friday, when the company will launch its global Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend holiday deals. Those planning to order are limited to just one device each, costing 24,999 Indian Rupees (roughly $377 USD).

OnePlus has been both praised and criticized for its use of an invite-only system for purchasing its smartphones. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, when you actually want to buy one for yourself, having to wait for an invite can be a frustrating experience. Despite that, the experience has arguably been better with the OnePlus 2. It’s already held a couple of open sale days, has sent more invites out, even extending their expiration and introduced a new extended warranty to make it a more pleasant buying experience.


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