OnePlus has announced that it will be bringing its alternative white/champagne gold version of the OnePlus X to western markets from next week. Anyone with an invite can purchase the champagne gold edition direct from the company’s online store from December 22nd. Up until now, this option has only been available in China.

Specification-wise, the phone is exactly the same as the Onyx (black) model. Like the black model, it will also come with the option to have a glass back, or the more limited (and more expensive) ceramic back. You won’t need a special invite to get this new color, and if you have an existing, valid invite when the gold models become available, you can use it for either black/grey or white/gold versions of the company’s budget smartphone.

The OnePlus X is one of this year’s most brilliant budget smartphones. It received virtually unanimous praise from reviewers, and made its way on to our list of 2015’s best affordable Android phones. If you’re looking for a great handset with premium build, brilliant display and responsive performance, you can do a lot worse than spend $250 on the OnePlus X (now in a more classy white and gold). Personally, I’d love for it to be bigger, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best small smartphones out there.

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