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September 2015 - October 2016

OnePlus X Stories October 2, 2016

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow now rolling out to the OnePlus X

Starting today, the OnePlus X will begin to receive an over the air update to OxygenOS 3.1.3 which brings with it Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Although the company released a community build that brought the updated firmware to the OnePlus X about a month ago, this is this first stable build to roll-out to customers…

OnePlus X Stories August 22, 2016

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OnePlus’ lower-end and budget-er OnePlus X has drawn the short stick when it comes to software updates, but now the company has finally released — after almost a year being stuck on Lollipop — the phone’s first build of OxygenOS based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow…

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OnePlus X Stories May 25, 2016

OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X get permanent price drops ahead of OP3 launch

OnePlus announced in a community forum post this morning that it will sell all of its current phones at ‘new prices’. That means the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X will all be cheaper than they have been, almost certainly because a new phone is about to be launched by the ambitious Chinese startup.

OnePlus X Stories March 7, 2016

You can now pay for OnePlus products with PayPal Credit installments

OnePlus is slowly but surely turning in to a proper smartphone business. Having only recently made its devices available without the necessity of an invite, this morning it announced a new installment plan. Customers can now pay for products from its online store using PayPal Credit.

OnePlus X Stories February 24, 2016


In an interview with CNET, OnePlus founder Carl Pei revealed that the OnePlus 3 will launch at the end of next quarter. While he was light on actual specifications and features, he did elaborate that the device would have a “captivating” design, like the original OnePlus One.

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OnePlus X Stories January 28, 2016

OnePlus X, one of last year’s best budget phones, is now available invite-free

OnePlus has announced via its official forums that the OnePlus X is now available to buy completely invite-free. You no longer need to wait until a Tuesday to buy the device without an invitation, just head to and add the phone to your basket.

We’re extremely excited to be making the OnePlus X invite-free more quickly this time around. With every device we release, we grow more mature and more adept at handling the demands and expectations of our community. We largely owe our success to your unrelenting support, so we hope that this development will make the process of purchasing your very own OnePlus X as smooth and effortless as it can possibly be.

This marks the quickest time it’s taken any of OnePlus’ devices to go from launch to invite-free. The manufacturer’s original phone, the OnePlus One, wasn’t available to buy without an invite until around one year after it was launched. The OnePlus 2 took four months to achieve the same status, and the OnePlus X took around three months.

The OnePlus X was one of the best affordable phones launched last year. In fact, I kinda wish the company’s flagship phone was just a bigger version of the X with a better camera. At just $249 unlocked, it’s hard to think of a phone as complete and premium-looking for the same price.

With future phone releases, OnePlus would eventually like to reduce the time between launch and completely open sales even further. Perhaps at some point even offering the device for sale right off the bat. As it gets its inventory management under tighter control, that becomes a more likely possibility with every new phone launch.

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