Update: The first business card for a Project Aura team member has popped up on Instagram.


We know that Project Aura is the successor to Glass — or at least a project that’s being built by some of the same people that built Glass — but now we have our first look at the logo that Google designed for this new venture. A person familiar with the project tells us that the logo is meant to resemble a new wearable device that wraps around the head…

A report from Business Insider that surfaced in September of last year said that Google started a new wearable project spun off from the Glass team, spearheaded by Tony Fadell and Ivy Ross. The group was built in part to aid in the revival of Google Glass, but there’s more to it than that. The group is also meant to allow Google to more closely compete with rivals in the wearable industry, and has a goal of jump-starting Google’s wearable tech effort in general.

Another report that came later last year from The Information went into greater detail as to what products the Aura team is working on at the moment. Google is reportedly working on three different devices under the umbrella of Project Aura: the next iteration of Glass (dubbed Enterprise Edition, which we extensivelydetailed earlier this year, and recently was leaked in the flesh via an FCC filing), and two screenless head-mounted devices that rely on audio. I would assume that the above logo represents these devices.

The report mentioned that these two audio-based devices use bone conduction just like the first Google Glass (although notably not like the newer Glass Enterprise Edition, as far as we know), but notably go without the screen completely. They’re like “headphones worn on your face,” Lessin said in the report. The team that’s building the new devices (one of which is made for “sport” use cases) is targeting a release for this calendar year, so we’ll likely be hearing more very soon.


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