We’ve seen just about everything running on Android Wear at this point — from Minecraft: Pocket Edition, to Flappy Bird, to Windows 95. Next on the list, is of course Windows 7…

As you can see in the video below, Hacking Jules, the same YouTuber that was responsible for other ridiculous things running on Android Wear, got the desktop operating system running using Bochs emulator on LG G Watch W100. According to the video description, the smartwatch is running a “lite” version of Windows 7.

Of course this has absolutely no practical purpose. Not only is the OS completely unusable, but as Hacking Jules notes, it takes a crazy 3 hours to boot. That said, it’s pretty astounding that the OS is able to boot at all, and that’s a testament to how far hardware has come in terms of processing power and miniaturization over the last decade or so.

If you need a quick giggle, click play below:


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