Alongside the announcement of some new social plugin buttons, Facebook has today announced a couple of new Chrome extensions: Share to Facebook and Save to Facebook. As you might expect, the former allows you to Share content you find on the web to Facebook, and the latter lets you save things to come back to later.

Using your active Facebook session, the Share to Facebook extension lets you easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger. You basically just click the Facebook icon in the top-right of your window and a familiar Share dialog will pop up. As a bonus, if you highlight some text before you click the button, the extension will automatically include that text in your share.

In a similar fashion, the new Save to Facebook Chrome extension also exists as a blue and white icon in the top-right of your Chrome window. All you have to do is click the button and any page that you’re currently viewing in your browser will be saved for later reading in your Saved list on Facebook.

You can grab both Chrome extensions (Share to Facebook, Save to Facebook) for free on the Chrome web store.

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