One of the key features that Google Maps on Android lacks is the ability to add multiple destinations when plotting directions. Many users (via Android Police) are reporting that the feature is now rolling out server-side as part of version 9.31 of Maps.

Google Maps on desktop has long had the ability to add multiple destinations when getting directions. After entering the start and end points, users have the option to “Add destinations” along the route and have Maps provide directions. Users can add numerous destinations which is more convenient that getting individual directions for multiple legs of a journey.

The feature is now rolling out to Maps for Android and works similarly. Users can add as many stops as they want underneath the directions interface. Stops are denoted by letters that also appear on the map view as an icon. All stops can be easily reordered before starting directions.

Other changes in the update include a redesigned timeline feature that details where you’ve been and provides some travel stats. The new interface is now more reminiscent of Albums in Google Photos and allows for users to title their travels and add notes.

Multiple destinations in directions is rolling out server-side as part of version 9.31 of Google Maps for Android. The version is still rolling out in the Play Store, but having the updated app does not automatically surface the new feature.

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