The HTC 10 has been frequently discounted since its release, at least on the unlocked model. These discounts usually came as $100 discounts direct through HTC, and now the company is offering that deal yet again, but with an extra perk.

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If you’ve yet to buy the phone, you can currently pick it up for $599 direct from HTC. However, if you’ve already bought one, HTC still has you covered. Whether it was direct from HTC or from a carrier, HTC is offering a $100 credit for any accessories on HTC’s website. That includes USB C cables, chargers, headphones, and the Ice View case.

For those who purchased through carriers, you’ll need to have purchased the device from Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon between July 12th and July 31st. You’ll then need to fill out the required info on HTC’s website such as the device’s IMEI number, carrier, and your name and address. To take advantage of the deal you’ll need to redeem the offer by the end of this month, specifically by August 31st at 11:59 PST. The coupon code must also be used in full by December 1st.

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