Google Street View is known for the sometimes hilarious moments that it catches, and also for its remarkable ability to recognize human faces and blur them. I guess you might be able to call this case an amusing combination of both. In a screenshot grabbed by one Twitter user, it seems Google has (accidentally, probably) blurred out the face of a cow…

Not long after this tweet started going viral, the puns started flowing in:

“Some people think one cow looks much like any udder. Not so!”

“Google teat view”


“Was she asked mooove out of the way or was the pic taken on the hoof?”

As noted by another Twitter user, it’s not exactly uncommon for Google’s system to er on the side of caution and automatically blur faces that might not be faces. It’s also known to sometimes blur entire houses. So while I wouldn’t exactly put this in the category of being unlikely, it’s still amoosing.

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