The Pokémon Go Plus finally launched this week with a previously unknown feature that makes the $35 accessory infinitely more useful to gameplay. Its new ability to track distance in the background means that users don’t have to keep the app open to hatch Eggs or gain Candy with Buddy Pokémon.

After being delayed in July, the tiny wearable went on sale yesterday and is already sold out in many online and physical stores. Previously known features included alerting users via flashing lights to nearby Pokémon and PokéStops. In turn, you could catch and collect by tapping the sole button on the Plus.

The official Twitter account has revealed that the accessory also automatically tracks distance walked in the background. This in turn counts towards hatching Eggs and the just released Buddy features that awards Candy by walking with your favorite Pokemon. Users are not alerted when a distance is met on the Plus, with Eggs/Candy being awarded the next time the app is opened.

As a notorious battery drainer, being able to play Pokémon Go without constantly having the app open is a big advantage. With distances ranging from 3 to 10 km, background step count makes the Go Plus much more enticing. With those three features taken together, you can now more easily play the game throughout the day.

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