Pokemon Go Stories October 12

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Niantic invites you to get artistic with Pokémon Go AR photo contest

If you can not only capture Pokémon but also artistic photographs of them, Niantic is inviting you to submit your photos in a competition held on Instagram …

Pokemon Go Stories September 8

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Playing Pokémon GO good for both physical and mental health, say studies

Two separate academic reports suggest that playing Pokémon GO can be good for both physical and mental health (provided that you manage to avoid car crashes and stay away from landmines).

Pokemon Go Stories August 14

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Snapchat Pokémon update lets you pose as Pikachu, Pokémon Go adds Mewtwo w/ Exclusive Raid Battles

The Pokémon Company International has teamed up with Snapchat to launch a new Pikachu Lens available now for a limited time, the company announced today. The Pokemon Go app is also getting an update with new features and characters.

Pokemon Go Stories July 26

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Niantic blames carriers for Chicago GO Fest failure; says other festivals will go ahead

After Niantic’s Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago turned into something of a disaster – with many attendees unable to use the game at all, and others unable to login or suffering crashes – the company has laid most of the blame at the feet of carriers …

Pokemon Go Stories July 14

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Ring accessory for Pokémon GO Plus arriving in Japan tomorrow

As this summer marks the one-year anniversary of Pokémon GO, we’ve seen lots of updates running up to the first official live event taking place in Chicago on July 22. Now, a new accessory for the Pokémon GO Plus will reportedly arrive tomorrow…

Pokemon Go Stories July 12

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Pokémon GO Fest details announced alongside more real-world events across Europe

On the heels of a Pokémon GO update last week which included a special Pikachu, and other limited time items, the Pokémon GO team has announced details about the first official live event in Chicago on July 22.

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