It’s been a long and hard road for Samsung, and one that’s not yet fully travelled, but after about a month of working hard to get recalled Note 7 units replaced with non-exploding ones, the company is today revealing that over a million customers now have “safe” Note 7 units.

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Samsung has issued a statement today via Reuters revealing that over 1 million customers around the world are currently using safe Note 7 units. This comes about 25 days after Samsung first started its recall of 2.5 million units due to faulty batteries.

While Samsung still has 1.5 million more units to replace, 1 million is a pretty big milestone. Manufacturing and distributing 1 million replacement devices in just 25 days is equally impressive, even if there are some alleged issues with some of the replacement units.

So far Samsung has done a good job handling this recall, and it shows with 90% of customers apparently opting to get a replacement Note 7 rather than requesting a refund. Customers can also verify that their device is safe using Samsung’s own tools, including an IMEI checker and the green battery icon that is being enabled via an OTA for safe devices.

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