From reminding people about local elections to adding state-by-state voter registration guides, the latest civically minded addition to Google Search directs people to polling places and tells them who’s on the ballot. Both are personally customized to your location and can be accessed on mobile and desktop.

A “who’s on my ballot” will of course reveal the presidential candidates, but also important Congressional, State, and Local elections. Tapping on a candidate will reveal more information about them, including their party and website. Additionally, the card includes detailed information on state referendums.

Meanwhile, searching “where to vote” will display a polling place location finder as well as voting ID requirements. This card includes info about where and when to vote early in your city with directions and times of when polls open/close. Google is still adding data from each state over the next couple of weeks.

The first time users enter either search terms they’ll be asked to enter their complete street address of where they are registered to vote. This is needed to display your full ballot, with your saved home address from other Google apps showing underneath for immediate entry.

During this election, YouTube is the other Google product offering coverage. With several publications officially streaming the presidential debates on YouTube, Google reported that the second debate had twice as many livestreams and on-demand videos than traditional televison.

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