Just yesterday a report came out to say that due to a lack of stock, OnePlus would be halting production of the OnePlus 3 to make room for a new “OnePlus 3S.” In that refreshed model, the company would swap the existing Snapdragon 820 chip for an 821 and also trade the AMOLED display for an LCD, to the uproar of some fans.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Why change? The simple answer is that the Optic AMOLED display that OnePlus uses in the OnePlus 3 is hard to keep in stock and the company was having trouble keeping up with demand. Without the display, the overall manufacturing process was slowed down considerably.

That said, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has just confirmed via Twitter that OnePlus will not be moving away from the OnePlus 3, and rather will stay with Optic AMOLED technology “for the foreseeable future.”

So no, OnePlus isn’t looking to swap AMOLED for LCD in the “OnePlus 3S,” but it may still be looking to refresh the device. We could very well see a new OnePlus 3 hit the market with a Snapdragon 821 among other changes, it’s just a bit more unlikely at this point…

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