You now have the Pixel in hand but how exactly do you show your friends that really cool thing on your phone’s screen? Thankfully, Google makes it extremely easy to capture your device’s screen and share it with the world.

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How to take a screenshot:

  1. Locate the screen or content that you want to capture
  2. Hold down the power and the volume down buttons at the same time for several seconds

As of this writing, you are not able to take a screenshot with Google Assistant. As this is a feature in the outgoing Now on Tap, this functionality may or may eventually be brought into Assistant — but I wouldn’t count on it.

How to locate your screenshots:

  • Immediately after you take a screenshot, you will receive a notification with a link to the photo or you can select the Share or Delete button
  • You can also go into the Google Photos application and your screenshot should be located in the “Device folders” section with the rest of your photos

If you want your screenshots to be automatically uploaded to Google Photos, you will need to allow Google Photos to access your screenshots folder. To do this, tap on the menu button in the upper left side of the screen in Photos, click on Device folders, and click on the cloud icon next to the screenshot folder.

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