There are a lot of expensive watches on the market, both smart and not so smart. The average cost of a premium Android Wear device is upward of $300 right now, but the TAG Heuer Connected has always been the most expensive on the market at $1,500. Today, however, the bar has been raised — by a lot…

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Now the TAG Heuer Connected is available in Rose Gold (via HODINKEE), and it costs a heck of a lot more — $9,900 to be exact. Why so much more? This watch is solid rose gold, not just a different color. The overall look of this new variant has a design nearly identical to the standard Connected model, but with a couple slight changes. The most notable change is the rose gold accent color on the lugs.

Under the hood, this is the same Android Wear smartwatch powered by an Intel chipset, a 410 mAh battery, 1GB of RAM, and that 1.5-inch LCD display covered in sapphire crystal glass. Also, this model comes with a brown leather band in place of the usual rubber strap.

It seems like this new model will only be sold in TAG Heuer dealers rather than online, and it will be available this fall for anyone who was hoping to drop just under $10,000 on a smartwatch.

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