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TAG Heuer’s first attempt at a smartwatch features a sapphire crystal-coated 1.5-inch circular touchscreen display, boasting a resolution of 360×360. It’s built using an LTPS LCD transflective panel with a pixel density of 240ppi. Inside, there’s a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel processor, paired with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage as well as a 410mAh battery.

The watch, inspired by the TAG Heuer Carrera, has a titanium case and a signature strap available in seven different colors. It has a 46mm case, weighing 52 grams and measuring 12.8mm thick. The entire case also happens to be IP67 certified, making it splash-proof.

It costs $1,500, but it come with a full two year warranty, but as a bonus, once that watch comes to the end of its warranty, TAG Heuer will let you trade it in for a regular mechanical Carrera watches.

TAG Heuer Stories April 7

TAG Heuer’s latest Wear OS smartwatch runs $2,650 and comes with free golf balls

The Wear OS market is a bit quiet right now as we sit in limbo before the expansion of Wear OS 3, but some long-time partners still have releases. Luxury brand TAG Heuer has just announced a new Wear OS smartwatch, a variant of its Connected Calibre E4 for golfers that even includes a few golf balls with your purchase.

TAG Heuer Stories February 10

Now on its fourth-generation of Wear OS watches, Tag Heuer today announced the Connected Calibre E4. It features modern specs in line with other non-Samsung wearables and comes in two sizes.

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TAG Heuer Stories March 12, 2020

Wear OS spawns a ton of different form factors and wildly different designs too. Today, TAG Heuer has launched its latest Wear OS smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected 2020 which delivers updated specs and a price tag you still can’t justify.

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TAG Heuer Stories January 15, 2018

Tag Heuer’s $180,000 Android Wear device (mercifully) includes a mechanical watch

The announcement of the Connected Modular 41 was not Tag Heuer’s only Android Wear release today, with the Swiss luxury brand also unveiling an ostentatious, diamond version of the Connected Modular 45.

TAG Heuer Stories January 14, 2018

With the launch of Tag Heuer’s second generation Android Wear device last March, the Swiss watchmaker teased a version for smaller wrists. Today, the luxury brand finally unveiled the Connected Modular 41 with a slightly cheaper starting price and upgraded specs. expand full story

TAG Heuer Stories March 14, 2017

Just hours before its official announcement, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Watch mistakingly went live on the company’s website. While its listing told us pretty much everything we might want to know about the Android Wear device, it didn’t share availability details or images of the device. If you want to learn more about the Connected Modular 45 Watch, you’ll just have to watch the livestream happening later today, and here’s how…

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TAG Heuer Stories March 13, 2017

Last year Tag Heuer made headlines for releasing the most expensive Android Wear device and this year they’re following that up with another similarly priced. While we were going to have to wait until tomorrow to hear more about the watch, TAG Heuer accidentally released information about the new Connected Modular 45 Watch online early…

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TAG Heuer Stories March 11, 2017

Last year’s price ceiling on Android Wear was set by the TAG Heuer Connected, a $1,500 watch and we never really expected to see a sequel. However, earlier this year, the company confirmed that it was indeed launching a second generation, and now we’re getting our first teaser for the device…

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TAG Heuer Stories January 19, 2017


Released in 2015, the Tag Heuer Connected was one of the first premium Android Wear devices at $1,500. Noting the surprising success of the first model, CEO Jean-Claude Biver revealed that a second generation is expected in May with Wear 2.0 and a number of other improvements.

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TAG Heuer Stories October 31, 2016


There are a lot of expensive watches on the market, both smart and not so smart. The average cost of a premium Android Wear device is upward of $300 right now, but the TAG Heuer Connected has always been the most expensive on the market at $1,500. Today, however, the bar has been raised — by a lot…

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TAG Heuer Stories December 5, 2015


TAG Heuer has had to almost double its production to meet demand for its first Android Wear luxury smartwatch. The TAG Heuer Connected is based on the design of its popular Carrera range and comes loaded with an Intel processor and runs Google’s wearable OS. Retailers and various other resellers have requested a total of 100,000 units of the watch, which is way more than what the company expected upon announcement

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TAG Heuer Stories November 9, 2015

First Tag Heuer Connected unboxing photos appear [Gallery]

The TAG Heuer Connected is available as of noon today in select stores, and it looks like some unboxing images are already popping up. It appears based on these images that the watch ships in a plastic lunch box-like case, and comes with a charging dock, the watch, and a wall adapter.

Check the locator tool to see if the Connected is available for purchase at a store near you.


In March of this year, TAG Heuer, a luxury Swiss watchmaker, announced they were making an Android Wear smartwatch with an Intel chip inside. For background, this was a full month before the release of the Apple Watch, but just over a week after Apple announced the prices of their watch. It was clear from the start that TAG Heuer would be competing with the highest end Apple Watch.

The TAG Heuer Connected was finally announced this morning. During that eight month period, Android Wear devices have matured and are in their second iteration. And for the most part, Tag’s watch is not all too different from the current line-up of watches running Google’s operating system — but there are a few notable differences. expand full story


After months of teasing us, TAG Heuer — in partnership with Intel — finally announced its Android Wear powered smartwatch in New York. It marks the first time any luxury watch maker has officially unveiled an Android Wear watch, and comes with TAG Heuer’s world-renowned build quality. Despite being a smartwatch, TAG also wanted to make sure the device was a great watch and so ensured that it displayed time very accurately. It claims the watch is accurate to 1/100th of a second. expand full story


Update: The TAG Heuer Connected is now official. It goes on sale for $1500 very soon, has a 46mm case, connects with Android and iOS phones and will be available with a choice of 7 different color straps. Watch the promo video, see the official press renders and read up on the full official details here.

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced that its Android Wear-based Carrera Connected smartwatch, launching today in New York, will have go on sale at $1500, a little lower than previously expected.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver told Le Matin Dimanche that he didn’t want to reveal too much ahead of today’s official unveiling, which takes place at 11am ET. Although it runs on Android Wear, the company appears to be targeting Apple rather than existing Android brands …  expand full story

TAG Heuer Stories October 12, 2015


Mentions of TAG Heuer’s entry into the Android Wear market have been tossed around for a really long time now, but — as we learned just a couple of weeks ago — the device’s launch is finally right around the corner. We haven’t up to this point had any kind of peek at what the watch will actually look like, but a new teaser image tweeted today by the company itself gives us a little bit of a glimpse at this beast in the flesh… expand full story

TAG Heuer Stories September 30, 2015


We’ve been waiting with anticipation to hear when Tag Heuer would officially reveal its first foray in to the world of smartwatches. In an interview with CNBC the company’s CEO, Jean-Claude Biver announced that the Android Wear-based digital Carrera will be unveiled on November 9 at the LVMH building in New York. The luxury wearable will cost $1,800, a price which Biver claims is no longer a concern after watching Apple Watch’s successful launch…

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TAG Heuer Stories June 2, 2015

Tag Heuer’s upcoming Android Wear watch gets named: Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01

We don’t know much about the upcoming Tag Heuer Android Wear watch yet, but now we’ve learned one more little detail: its name. According to Wareable, who recently sat down with Tag’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver to talk about the smartwatch, the device is going to be called the “Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01”.

“There is no other choice for Tag Heuer than to have all its DNA, all its watchmaking emotion and flair into the connected watch. Somehow, one should not see from a certain distance the difference between a Carrera Heuer 01 and a Carrera Wearable 01.”

TAG Heuer Stories April 29, 2015

Tag-Heuer-Jewelry-logoAccording to a report this morning from Bloomberg, Tag Heuer has settled on a price tag for its upcoming Android Wear-powered Apple Watch competitor. The device is expected to ship for around $1,400, and will launch sometime this fall, specifically “October or November.” expand full story

TAG Heuer Stories March 19, 2015


While Android Wear has not yet set the world alight, Google is not sitting idly by while Apple grabs all the media attention with its Apple Watch. The company has announced a deal with Tag Heuer and Intel to create a smartwatch version of one of the watchmaker’s best-selling models, the Carrera.

TAG Heuer, Google and Intel have announced a partnership to launch a Swiss smartwatch powered by Intel technology and Android Wear. The effort signifies a new era of collaboration between Swiss watchmakers and Silicon Valley, bringing together each company’s respective expertise in luxury watchmaking, software and hardware.

While the company did not go into details, Reuters reports that the watch “will be a digital replica of the original Tag Heuer black Carrera, known for its bulky, sporty allure, and will look like the original.”

Sincere or not, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver says that he welcomes the launch of the Apple Watch …  expand full story

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