Google’s goal for Google Wifi is to make creating a strong mesh wireless network through an entire home easy and relatively affordable. We already know the setup process is a breeze, but we’ve yet to see exactly how strong Google’s product is. Now, Google is putting it to the test.

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Ahead of its release next month, Google has just released the results of an independent test on Google Wifi by Allison USA, a third-party testing firm. Allison put Google Wifi up against Eero and Luma, its two main competitors. Allison took the three systems into a 3,000 square foot, two-story home. The test took speed tests on a MacBook Air in 4 different areas of the home at various distances from the wired point. The wired Google Wifi system was hooked up on the second floor of the home while a second point was added to the network on the first floor on the other side of the home.

Predictably, Google Wifi beat both Eero and Luma in each speed test. On the second floor, Google Wifi pulled up to a 100mbps lead over the competition when closest to the wired router and maintaining faster speeds throughout the home. At one point, Google Wifi had a lead of nearly 200mbps vs Eero’s system.


Google says that these results are because “not all Wi-Fi systems are created equal,” then goes on to explain how Google Wifi is better than the competition.

Each point’s quad core network processor, fast packet forwarding engine, and dual gigabit Ethernet ports help the network keep up with all your needs.  Each point delivers AC1200 802.11ac performance in a device that looks nice enough to keep out in the open, where Wi-Fi works its best. Dual-band dual-concurrent radios are compatible with all your Wi-Fi devices, and Google’s Network Assist software takes care of managing complex settings in the background, so you can sit back and enjoy the Wi-Fi.

If you’re interested in picking up Google Wifi, it is available for pre-order now from the Google Store and multiple other retailers. Orders start shipping in December.

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