Early this year Google rebranded the Chromecast app to Google Cast, a new name to better suit the ecosystem of devices compatible with the technology. At the time it made sense, keeping Google’s physical and unique Chromecast family separate from the speakers and TVs which also packed the technology. Now Google is going back on that.

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Variety reports that the Google Cast brand is being phased out on TVs and speakers. Rather, Google is planning to push its partners which are using this technology in their products to describe the functionality as “Chromecast built-in.” Over the past few weeks, Google has subtly been implementing this change with some of its partners, like Vizio, removing Google Cast language from their websites. Just yesterday, Google even renamed the @GoogleCast Twitter account to @Chromecast.

Google’s own websites, including Google.com/cast, are also changing to the new terminology. Google’s Cast landing page, however, does still refer to Google Cast, but says it is “also known as Chromecast built-in,” implying that Google is keeping Google Cast around to some extent, perhaps only removing it from the consumer market.

This change brings everything under one, more well-known brand and makes a lot of sense. Google has sold millions of Chromecasts and the name is known by many consumers at this point, so OEMs and Google alike will likely both benefit from this new branding.

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