Google Photos Assistant

Google’s photo apps are getting a number of updates just before the holiday season. Advanced editor Snapseed makes a number of tweaks to existing tools and adds the option to export to SD cards. Meanwhile, Google Photos is adding an enhanced grid view to make your best photos more prominent.

On both iOS and Android, the text tool added in August now allows for easier horizontal and vertical centering, while the presets for face filters have been refreshed to add more styles and options for enhancements.

On Android specifically, users can now choose exactly where edited photos are exported. This option can be enabled under Settings, and allows for exporting to an SD card. Additionally, the Perspective tool brings back the old horizontal and vertical adjustment modes.

The last update to Google Photos introduced a number of features, including more fine-tuned editing controls and smart, dynamic filters that were customized for each image through machine learning. According to the iOS release notes, version 2.6 brings performance improvements and a “New enhanced grid view makes your best photos more prominent.”

Snapseed 2.14 is available on iOS, with the Android version still rolling out. Meanwhile, Google Photos 2.6 is fully rolled out on both platforms.

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