Following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s release of the Galaxy S8 became that much more important. Not only does Samsung have to create a phone to win customers back, but also fill the gap left in the market from the Note 7. Now, it appears that Samsung is planning to bring a larger display to the Galaxy S8 to help fill at least one aspect of that gap.

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According to a Korean report, Samsung is planning to push the Galaxy S8 Plus into the phablet territory with a huge 6-inch display. Looking back, the Note 7 had a slightly smaller 5.7-inch display, but the report states that the devices will have a very similar physical size, presumably because of thinner bezels.

Samsung apparently did have plans to add the stylus to the S8, but later scrapped those plans in favor of keeping the Note lineup around later in the year.

Other reports about the Galaxy S8 have stated that the phone will come in two sizes, one of which now appears to be this 6-inch model, as well as ditch aspects such as the headphone jack and physical home button. As the New Year approaches, we’ll probably continue to hear more about the phone, all leading up to the April debut.

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