After discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 late last year, Samsung quickly opened up an investigation to figure out exactly what caused the device to catch fire. Now, according to a report out of Korea, Samsung has concluded the investigation.

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The report doesn’t give us an exact timeframe for when the investigation was finished, but it does state that it was very recent and that Samsung is keeping the results closely guarded to “very few people.”

Samsung previously announced that the Note 7 explosions were caused by a battery defect in batteries from the company’s own SDI batteries, which were primarily used. After switching to another manufacturer, the issues persisted. Due to that, Samsung will likely announce that the issue was something related to the hardware, not solely the battery.

The report also reveals that Samsung will be releasing the results of the investigation sometime in mid-January. Previously it was reported that the company would release those results be the end of 2016. Odds are, the company will take that oppurtunity to explain how it will avoid the same issue on future smartphones, like the Galaxy S8, as well as build back consumer trust to some extent.

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