One area of focus that Google has been particularly working on for its apps and services has been better offline functionality. The latest feature of the Google app on Android queues searches made offline and automatically runs them when a connection is regained.

Aimed at alleviating spotty connectivity, like on subways, searches that failed to run will now be saved:

Mobile networks can sometimes be inconsistent or spotty, which means that even if you have a connection when you start your search, it might fail before you get your results back. With this change, search results are saved as soon as they are retrieved, even if you lose connection afterwards or go into airplane mode.

Once a connection is re-established, the Google app will send a notification noting that a search result is ready for viewing. Tapping it will take users to a pre-loaded, streamlined results page that still features cards for weather and stock prices.

The search listing notes how recent the results are and includes a quick button to refresh. Additionally, Google notes that this feature is light on battery and data usage.

Saved offline search requires the latest version of the Google app, though the feature does not yet appear to be live for me.


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