The Vine video service officially closes today, so if you have any Vine videos online that aren’t safely stored in your camera roll, you only have a few hours to save them.

The Vine app allows you to download your stored videos (Profile page → Save Videos), which you can do either directly to your phone or get a download link which also preserves the Like and Re-vine data. Alternatively, Giphy has a free service that automatically converts each of your Vine videos into animated GIFs …


You simply enter your profile URL and Giphy converts your entire Vine library into GIFs and emails you a link when it’s done.

To use the service, go to the dedicated page on the company’s website, register for a Giphy account if you don’t already have one and then just paste in the link to your profile and Giphy does the rest.

Vine will be replaced by a new app that allows you to shoot 6.5-second videos and post them direct to Twitter, where they will display as loops, just as they did on Vine itself.

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