Yesterday we had “confirmation” of the codenames under which the sequels to the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are being developed over at Google (“walleye” and “muskie”, respectively). However, it looks like the Mountain View firm may have a third device up its sleeve…

The news comes from Droid Life, whose sources, other than corroborating the two codenames above, also mentioned that Google is allegedly working on a third device, codenamed “taimen”.

Of course, the name refers to an aquatic animal, but what’s important here is its size. Much like 2014’s “shamu”, which ended up being the ginormous Nexus 6, the taimen is a fat fish. And, indeed, the handset tipped here is also said to be quite huge — bigger than the Pixel XL, that is.

However, albeit potentially moving in 6-inch territory, taimen is still referred to as a phone. But considering that devices like Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy S8 Plus are squeezing a very large display in a canvas we are accustomed to in large phones, it seems plausible that there could be a third, possibly more ambitious smartphone Google is working on.

Of course, whether this elusive taimen is meant to be more premium than walleye and muskie remains to be seen; what we know for now is that, at least per Droid Life, it is being conceived and developed as separate from the other two, rather than just a bigger copycat.

There’s no other information at the moment, but we will share more details as soon as we get them.

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