The Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display is nothing short of impressive, but it wasn’t without some compromise, at least, if you view physical buttons as a good thing. To achieve it, Samsung had to ditch its signature button in favor of on-screen navigation, but it kept the same layout, which I dislike. Thankfully, you can change it to Google’s standard layout.

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By default, both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ feature on-screen navigation buttons which, from left-to-right, are Recents, Home, and Back. It works, and for loyal Samsung users, it’s what they’re used to.

However, it’s not how Android is supposed to handle on-screen navigation. Rather, the Recents and Back buttons are supposed to be reversed, just like they are on devices from Google, LG, and more. Hidden just beneath the surface in Samsung’s software is an option to easily change that layout.

By heading into the settings under the display section, users can choose between the two button layouts with the “flip of a switch.” Personally, I’m just glad the option is there, so it’s even better that it’s so easy to do.

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