One of Samsung’s big software points on the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, the company’s new AI assistant. Samsung is going so all in on this assistant that it added a dedicated button for it on the side. However, since this is Android, some people would prefer to use Google Assistant/Now for this button. Now, thanks to a clever developer, that is possible…

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Looking back for just a second, we already know that Google Assistant will, in fact, work with the Galaxy S8 via a long-press of the home button, just like every other Android device. The dedicated AI button on the side of the phone, though, is certainly more convenient. Thankfully, the app “All In one Gestures” can enable Galaxy S8 users to remap that button to basically anything, including Google Assistant.

The process is pretty simple, as XDA details. The app will request a few permissions, then you can start mapping buttons. You can do this with the volume buttons and power button as well, but to get things going with the Bixby button, you’ll need to access the options menu and select custom keys. Then, enter in the code 1082, as that is the button code for that button, and then you’ll be able to map that to anything. If you want this to launch Google Assistant, select Search and then Voice Search.

Due to the way this is set up I don’t think Samsung will disable it immediately, but it feels like the company will try to do so at some point or another. Hopefully, though, we’ll still be able to use this once the phone launches later this month.

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