Bixby Stories February 22

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant has always been mocked in comparison to Google Assistant, but Samsung has built out the feature to include some genuinely useful features. This week, Samsung has announced a major update for its assistant that centers around voice and text interactions.

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Bixby Stories December 25, 2022

Voice assistants have been getting a bit less attention over the past year compared to previous years, but it’s always fun to take a look at how they all compare with how we actually use them. To no one’s surprise, Google Assistant took the crown in a recent comparison, but it really shows the gap Assistant has over Siri, Bixby, and especially Amazon Alexa.

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Bixby Stories August 3, 2021

Ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, we’re learning that Wear OS will soon be able to support “alternate” assistants, such as Bixby.

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Bixby Stories November 25, 2020

Fingerprint sensors and face unlock have made it way easier to unlock a phone compared to PINs and passwords. For its next major release, the Galaxy S21, it appears that Samsung is planning to add voice unlock to the mix, powered by Bixby.

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Bixby Stories October 6, 2020

Samsung pulls the plug on Bixby’s AR features later this month

Bixby has been around for a few years now, but some of its features aren’t all that useful. At launch, Bixby was limited to some AR features that could identify products for shopping, but now Samsung is preparing to kill off Bixby Vision.

Bixby Stories March 6, 2020

How to disable Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S20

In a world of voice assistants, Samsung has had its own option in Bixby since the debut of the Galaxy S8 a few years ago. The assistant is still a core part of Samsung’s software, but it’s not something all users will actually want to make a part of their routine. Here’s how to disable Bixby completely on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Bixby Stories November 26, 2019

Samsung allegedly ending support for Bixby Voice on some devices in January

Despite a lack of praise, Samsung’s Bixby has expanded to quite a lot of the company’s Android smartphones. Now, it appears that some devices may lose access to Bixby Voice as Samsung reportedly ends support for older Android versions.

Bixby Stories August 9, 2019

Samsung says Galaxy Home speaker isn’t dead after ignoring it at Unpacked

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 launch event was full of more than just the Galaxy Note 10. We also saw the debut of a new Windows 10 laptop, as well as time spent highlighting the Tab S6 and Watch Active2. One device that was never mentioned, though, was the mysterious delayed Samsung Galaxy Home speaker, and apparently, the product isn’t dead.

Bixby Stories July 1, 2019

Samsung launches Bixby Marketplace for assistant apps in the US, South Korea

Samsung has launched its Bixby Marketplace in the US and South Korea, which is a dedicated store for Bixby-compatible apps and services for supported Samsung hardware.

Bixby Stories June 4, 2019

Samsung delays its Bixby-powered Galaxy Home speaker again to later this year

Alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in 2018, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Home – a smart speaker powered by Bixby. Nearly a year later, the company still hasn’t put the thing up for sale, and now the Galaxy Home’s release date is apparently being delayed yet again, this time to later on in 2019.

Bixby Stories February 28, 2019

How to remap the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, Note 9, Note 8

Samsung first introduced the now infamous Bixby button on its Galaxy S8 and in the time since, users have been actively looking for ways to use it for other purposes. Now, Samsung has finally made that functionality available on several devices. Here’s how to remap the Bixby button on the Galaxy S10, S9, S8, Note 9, and Note 8.

Bixby Stories January 8, 2019

Google app support is returning in Samsung Bixby 2.0

Bixby 2.0 (yes, Samsung is still persisting with the digital assistant) will bring back support for Google apps according to VentureBeat (via XDA).

Bixby Stories September 4, 2018

Samsung may add an option to disable Bixby key on Galaxy Note 9 this month

While Samsung’s hardware keeps getting better and better, its past few flagships have had the annoying tidbit of an added Bixby key underneath the volume rocker. On the Note 9, it can’t be disabled, but that may change soon.

Bixby Stories September 3, 2018

Samsung could use its ‘bargaining power’ to collaborate with Google on Bixby

Since the debut of its Galaxy S8 in 2017, Samsung has been heavily pushing its own AI system known as Bixby. While most acknowledge that Google Assistant is a better option, Samsung isn’t giving up, and apparently, it wants to get Google on board with Bixby too…

Bixby Stories August 27, 2018

Since the debut of the Galaxy S8 last year, Samsung’s hardware has risen to new heights in terms of the overall design. However, there is one glaring feature that pretty much everyone agrees is a misstep, and that’s the Bixby button. On the Galaxy Note 9, though, you can’t even disable it…

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Bixby Stories August 9, 2018

At Unpacked 2018, Samsung announced a number of updates to Bixby, but more importantly expanded its smart assistant to a new form factor. The company already makes home audio products, but the Galaxy Home is its first direct entry to compete with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple’s HomePod.

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Bixby Stories July 18, 2018

Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker may arrive alongside Galaxy Note 9, to cost around $300

With Google and Amazon bringing the smart speaker market into the mainstream, competitors have been popping up left and right. Now, it’s looking like Samsung is going to enter the ring.

Bixby Stories July 5, 2018

Samsung’s Bixby now provides sports scores and news from theScore

Just like the Google Feed, Samsung places Bixby just left of the main homescreen on its Galaxy smartphones. Called Bixby Home, users can scroll through this section to find personalized news and information. Starting today, sports scores and news will be added to Bixby for customers in the US.

Bixby Stories April 9, 2018

Remap the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+’s Bixby button with bxActions

If you’re like most Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners, you probably never use the physical Bixby button found on the side of your device. Thankfully, instead of just disabling the button altogether, an app called bxActions works surprising well at remapping the button to launch different apps or actions.

Bixby Stories February 26, 2018

Despite just launching the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung appears to already be looking forward to the future. In a press conference held after the announcement, a representative talked more about Bixby and how version 2.0 should be ready to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 9

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Bixby Stories December 14, 2017

Earlier this year, Samsung was rumored to be developing a smart speaker to compete with likes of Google Home. Today, a new report provides the first concrete details on the device, as well as a possible launch date. Meanwhile, another report notes a possible launch for the rumored Google Home with a display.

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Bixby Stories August 22, 2017

The voice component for Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant initially launched only in Korea, and then in July, it was made available to US consumers. Samsung is now reporting that Bixby Voice is available in more than 200 different countries, but even while that may be true, Bixby  Voice still has a long ways to go before it catches up with the Google Assistant.

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Bixby Stories July 24, 2017

Since the announcement of Bixby at Samsung’s Galaxy S8 event in February, critics and consumers alike have had mixed feelings about the company’s new AI. There are some things that Bixby is good at, and then there are other areas where the assistant falls completely flat.

Bixby is made up of many different layers, but one of its most important is its voice component. Samsung just recently rolled out Bixby Voice features on the Galaxy S8/S8+ in the US following a delay, and according to a new report from ET News, Samsung is now supposedly working on Bixby-powered Bluetooth earbuds that won’t be all that different from Apple’s AirPods.

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Bixby Stories July 19, 2017

Today, several months after the Galaxy S8 and S8+ was debuted, Samsung finally released the full version of Bixby, which allows for voice interactions with the virtual assistant, in the United States. Along with it comes the ability to interact with some, but not all, of your favorite applications.

Currently, there are 13 third-party applications that work with Bixby. What others apps do you want to gain Bixby support?

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In early July, a report said that Samsung was working on making a Bixby speaker similar to the Google Home and Amazon Echo. As Samsung had not yet perfected Bixby Voice for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, it didn’t seem very reasonable. Now a report coming out of South Korea claims that Samsung has decided not to produce a Bixby speaker, at least for now…

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Here are the Android apps Bixby can interact with at launch

Bixby is heading to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners today, but many still want to know exactly what they can do with it. While Bixby supports all the standard things you’d expect from a digital assistant, its biggest selling point is direct integration with the operating system and the various apps on your phone.

Samsung’s Bixby assistant is finally here for S8 and S8+ owners, but the biggest question surrounding the assistant has been regarding how it differs from the competition. Alongside today’s launch, Samsung aims to answer that for the general user with a new set of ads.

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American owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones will at long last get access to the Bixby assistant, first announced alongside the two phones. The company says that Bixby will be made available in the U.S. in an update happening sometime tonight…

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Bixby Stories July 18, 2017

How to change Bixby Voice between male and female on Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+

An update for Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ began rolling out to U.S. based customers this morning which brings the voice assistant to all. With the official launch of Bixby, Samsung has also added the ability to change between female and male voice assistants. Here’s how…

Bixby Stories July 10, 2017

One of the minor issues many have regarding the Galaxy S8’s hardware is the presence of the Bixby button located on the left side of the phone. It’s safe to say that basically everyone would prefer to use that button for basically anything else, but Samsung has been blocking any attempts to accomplish that. After the first wave of breaking apps, Samsung’s latest updates have broken almost every other method.

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Bixby Stories July 4, 2017

Samsung may be struggling to get its Bixby voice assistant to understand English on its flagship smartphone, but it seems that isn’t preventing it from planning a standalone speaker based on the same technology.

The company is today reported to be working on a Bixby speaker …

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Bixby Stories June 24, 2017

The wait is almost over for the official rollout of Bixby Voice, but we have the beta version running on our Galaxy S8 right now. Users who registered their Samsung account for beta testing should be receiving an OTA update, prompted by opening the Bixby feed app. It’s not fully functional yet, and we’re still unsure of when the final version will be released, but the beta software provides some insight as to what we can expect.

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Bixby Stories June 16, 2017

Bixby was one of Samsung’s most noteworthy new services announced alongside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ earlier this year. It aimed to take on Google Assistant as the company’s new AI system, offering object recognition in the camera and aggregating news and important information into a central hub on the home screen.

The voice command side of Bixby was by far the most ambitious, promising to be able to do anything you could normally do by touching the screen. Sadly (but unsurprisingly), this portion of Bixby wasn’t ready in time for the Galaxy S8 launch, and still hasn’t made its way to the devices months later, frustrating potential would-be users…

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Bixby Stories June 7, 2017

Two of the most popular trends in the technology industry today are AI and machine learning. With that, some of the larger tech companies have created voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and now Bixby. So that they can actually be useful, companies are attempting to add the assistants to everything, including speakers.

If Samsung were to one day create a smart speaker powered by Bixby, would you buy it over one from the company’s competitors?

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Samsung has always been interesting in both the hardware and software departments. On the hardware side, the company’s Samsung Galaxy S8 has simply incredible hardware, and we’ve also seen budget smartphones that have rings of light around the camera. The most interesting move the company has made in the past year or so, though, has been Bixby — Samsung’s digital assistant that’s supposed to conquer the rest, eventually.

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Bixby Stories May 31, 2017

During the Galaxy S8 unveiling, Samsung made a big deal about Bixby, its new AI interface with the bold claim of being able to carry out any task on the phone using just your voice. Most virtual assistants can only do simple voice commands like initiating calls, changing songs, or opening apps, but waver in functionality when asked to change system settings or perform complex tasks. Bixby promised to do all of this, but many were disappointed when the virtual assistant wasn’t available on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at launch.

In its current state, Bixby is able to identify objects in the camera viewfinder (sometimes) and aggregate news in a Flipboard-like side page on the home screen … and that’s about it. Initially, Bixby’s virtual assistant update was supposed to be available in late May, but June starts tomorrow and according to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is still weeks away from being ready.

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Bixby Stories May 1, 2017

Samsung has officially rolled out the voice assistant component of its intelligent assistant, Bixby, to Galaxy S8 users in its home market of South Korea. ZDNet noted that the service was activated today.

Samsung began the voice command service at 1pm KST on Monday, after sending a notice in the morning to users of the smartphones.

The company had revealed ahead of time that it wouldn’t be available when the S8 shipped, but said that it would reach U.S. owners sometime in the spring. It now looks like there won’t be long to wait …

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Bixby Stories April 22, 2017

As I stated in my Galaxy S8 review the other day, Samsung’s new digital assistant, Bixby, is pretty pointless right now. Its functionality is very limited, to say the least, and it certainly isn’t worthy of its own physical button. Past attempts to remap that button to something else have been blocked, but there’s one that still works and it’s an app called “Bixby Button Remapper.”

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Bixby Stories April 6, 2017

One of Samsung’s big software points on the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, the company’s new AI assistant. Samsung is going so all in on this assistant that it added a dedicated button for it on the side. However, since this is Android, some people would prefer to use Google Assistant/Now for this button. Now, thanks to a clever developer, that is possible…

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Bixby Stories April 3, 2017

One of the big highlights on the Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s new digital assistant, Bixby. Samsung has a lot in store for it, but so far, we’ve only seen the basics debut. Now, some clever users over on XDA have pulled not only Bixby, but also Samsung’s new launcher from the Galaxy S8 to install on other Samsung smartphones.

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Bixby Stories March 29, 2017

Pinterest’s visual discovery is being integrated into Bixby on the Galaxy S8

Bixby, announced today alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8, is a mobile assistant that is deeply integrated into the smartphone’s camera (among other components) to help users visually search their surroundings. According to an announcement from Pinterest, Bixby will also be able to use the company’s visual discovery features to help identify items and provide fun project ideas…

With this morning’s official announcement of the Galaxy S8, we finally got our first look at Samsung’s brand new smart assistant called Bixby. This isn’t just a refreshed S Voice, though, as Bixby is capable (according to Samsung) of doing everything you could do if you picked up the Galaxy S8…

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Bixby Stories March 20, 2017


We’re barely a week away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and among the phone’s unique hardware features, Samsung is also looking to introduce some new software tricks, spearheaded by the Bixby AI assistant. Today, Samsung has made that new assistant official.

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Bixby Stories February 7, 2017

Samsung’s ‘Bixby’ assistant will allegedly support up to 8 languages

Samsung is set to debut the Galaxy S8 in just a couple of months, but ahead of the official launch, we’re hearing more and more about the smartphone. Just last week we got our first look at the device, and today, we’re hearing more about the digital voice assistant, “Bixby.”

Bixby Stories January 25, 2017


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is just weeks from going official, and we already know quite a bit about the device. Several leaks and rumors have pinpointed that the “Bixby” virtual assistant will debut on the S8, presumably as a rival to Google Assistant. Obviously, Google might not be thrilled about that development, but Samsung says that the competition could take AI “to the next level.”

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Bixby Stories January 19, 2017


There’s a lot to look forward to on Samsung’s Galaxy S8, but one of the more interesting additions is Samsung’s own AI assistant currently known as ‘Bixby.’ We already know a pretty good deal about what this assistant will be capable of, but according to an exclusive report from SamMobile, Bixby is going to be able to use the S8’s camera for visual search and text recognition as well.

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