Bixby Stories October 6

Samsung pulls the plug on Bixby’s AR features later this month

Bixby has been around for a few years now, but some of its features aren’t all that useful. At launch, Bixby was limited to some AR features that could identify products for shopping, but now Samsung is preparing to kill off Bixby Vision.

Bixby Stories March 6

How to disable Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S20

In a world of voice assistants, Samsung has had its own option in Bixby since the debut of the Galaxy S8 a few years ago. The assistant is still a core part of Samsung’s software, but it’s not something all users will actually want to make a part of their routine. Here’s how to disable Bixby completely on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Bixby Stories November 26, 2019

Samsung allegedly ending support for Bixby Voice on some devices in January

Despite a lack of praise, Samsung’s Bixby has expanded to quite a lot of the company’s Android smartphones. Now, it appears that some devices may lose access to Bixby Voice as Samsung reportedly ends support for older Android versions.

Bixby Stories August 9, 2019

Samsung says Galaxy Home speaker isn’t dead after ignoring it at Unpacked

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 launch event was full of more than just the Galaxy Note 10. We also saw the debut of a new Windows 10 laptop, as well as time spent highlighting the Tab S6 and Watch Active2. One device that was never mentioned, though, was the mysterious delayed Samsung Galaxy Home speaker, and apparently, the product isn’t dead.

Bixby Stories July 1, 2019

Samsung launches Bixby Marketplace for assistant apps in the US, South Korea

Samsung has launched its Bixby Marketplace in the US and South Korea, which is a dedicated store for Bixby-compatible apps and services for supported Samsung hardware.

Bixby Stories June 4, 2019

Samsung delays its Bixby-powered Galaxy Home speaker again to later this year

Alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in 2018, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Home – a smart speaker powered by Bixby. Nearly a year later, the company still hasn’t put the thing up for sale, and now the Galaxy Home’s release date is apparently being delayed yet again, this time to later on in 2019.

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