So this is nifty. Google is constantly adding actionable interfaces to its search results, and the latest addition (via SearchEngineLand) saves you a couple clicks for a common action: suggesting a webpage for Google to index. Now, you can submit a URL to Google directly from search…

It works exactly as you’d think. Conduct a search on Google for “submit URL to Google” or simply “submit URL” (or potentially other similar queries, we haven’t checked them all), paste the URL, pass the CAPTCHA so Google knows you’re not a spambot, and then press “Submit”. It’s that simple.

Basically, this is just a shortcut to the functionality that has long been found at Google’s webmaster tools site. Of course this doesn’t guarantee that Google will index the site you submit, and if you’re a webmaster, it’s probably best to just sign up for the Search Console and add your properties there.

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