Webmaster Tools Stories April 11, 2017

Google now lets you submit URLs for indexing directly from search results

So this is nifty. Google is constantly adding actionable interfaces to its search results, and the latest addition (via SearchEngineLand) saves you a couple clicks for a common action: suggesting a webpage for Google to index. Now, you can submit a URL to Google directly from search…

Webmaster Tools Stories May 20, 2015

SC_lockupGoogle announced today in a blog post that it is renaming its popular Google Webmaster Tools service to Google Search Console after nearly 10 years of existence. Aside from the different name, no other changes are being made to Google Search Console. Google, of course, updates the service with new features on a regular basis, though.

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Webmaster Tools Stories June 5, 2014

search result redirect

Google has issued a fix for a mobile search bug that would redirect people to a website’s homepage instead of the results displayed. This would occur if a website wasn’t properly optimized to handle requests from smartphones and as a result a user would be redirected to  mobile version of a site’s homepage instead. Starting today, Google will provide users with a warning that their search “may open the site’s homepage,” but will still offer a chance to try to visit the results displayed.

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