The biggest problem mobile payment platforms all share is the inability to get widespread user adoption. One way Android Pay is trying to change that up is by partnering with select banks to add some of its capabilities into the bank’s mobile applications. Would having Android Pay’s features built into your bank’s mobile app possibly get you to use the service more often?

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Setting up a credit and/or debit card within Android Pay isn’t too difficult but it can be tedious work trying to authenticate the card with your bank. Although this isn’t that hard, it can be enough to stop people from setting it up and then using mobile payments in the future.

One thing most smartphone users do have in common is having their bank’s mobile application installed. As mentioned earlier, Android Pay is working with “select banks” to incorporate its functionality into the bank’s mobile apps. This means that after a user setups their account within the app, they will also be given the option to enable Android Pay, all without downloading and setting up a separate app.

Would Android Pay be more enticing to use if it just worked after setting up your bank’s mobile application? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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